HOME-Worship Series

Home Home means many things to many people. Home is a place, a destination, a state of mind, a memory and a hope. December 2016 marks the Bicentennial of the state of Indiana. For 200 years, Hoosiers have been calling Indiana “home.”  From small towns to city and urban centers,...

Lighting Our Path September

Over the summer months, two teams have been advancing our explorations regarding Lighting Our Path (LOP).  Team 1 focuses upon the functional requirements of our facility to better meet current and future needs.  Multiple options including refurbishment, reconfiguration and rebuilding are being explored as well as the financial investment required. ...

FBA Sports

Sign up for fall soccer...

Peace Justice and Reconciliation Youth Program

follow along as our students explore the concepts of peace, justice, and reconciliation from the perspective of their Christian faith...

Discernment Process Underway

I Am First Baptist

Beginnings Preschool & Child Care

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