Attend events with the Rev. Brad Berglund of Illuminated

Worship Series

Join us as we “draw outside the lines” in the Book of Acts this summer!

Vacation Bible School

Volunteer now!

FBC is serving in the community

Volunteer to help in the community at the Child Advocates Superhero Run on Saturday, June 27. This effort is part of our FBC Serve 2015!  Contact Jack Campbell or sign up in the Atrium…

Beginnings Preschool & Child Care

EXPANDING HOURS!  Call 317-574-6454 for info on our flexible scheduling and outdoor emphasis.

Local Food Pantry

The next FBC free food pantry is Tuesday, May 26 from 4-6PM.

Serve 2015

Learn about new organizations. Pray about this new opportunity and how you can serve in 2015. Make a pledge at the display in the FBC Atrium.  Everyone who pledges receives a “Serve 2015″ t-shirt! FBC Indianapolis is an active, engaged community of faith. As Christians, we believe that serving others...

FBA Sports

Sign up for spring volleyball, baseball and softball...
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Serve others
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