Loving and Embracing All


Hear the stories of recent new members of First Baptist Church of Indianapolis. A church of acceptance and diversity. A church that’s family.  Loving and Embracing All.


Love and Faith: “We Feel at Home in this Church”

Sydney and Zach found each other. Then they found a church: First Baptist Church of Indianapolis.

Sydney and Zach

They grew up in different Indiana communities – Sydney in Fort Wayne and Zach in the small town of Atlanta in Hamilton County. Work brought them to central Indiana and they wound up living in the same neighborhood in different counties. Their apartment complexes were across the street from each other – Sydney on the south side of 96th Street in Marion County and Zach on the north side of 96th Street in Hamilton County. They met and started dating in early 2015, then got engaged in December of that year.

As Sydney and Zach grew closer they began thinking more about their faith. They both had grown up in church, but during their college years they each had stopped regularly attending worship services.

“It was something I definitely missed and wanted back in my life,” said Sydney. Zach felt the same way: “When I met her we both had the same motivation to start going again.”

So finding a church was on their minds when they considered where to attend a Christmas Eve candlelight service in 2015. Sydney did a Google search and happened onto the FBC Indy website. They actually wound up at a Christmas Eve service at a church in Zach’s hometown, but what they saw on the FBC Indy site was enough to make them want to come soon to a service.

“It’s something we stumbled onto, but I’m definitely glad we did,” Zach said.

They came to First Baptist Church for the first time in January, 2016. They “fell in love with it right away,” said Sydney.  “The culture within the church is great. I loved the service. The architecture of the church is beautiful.”

Sydney remembers she liked it that some of the songs “were ones I remembered from growing up.” Still, she also enjoyed how old and new songs were blended together in the service. “I love the old hymns but I also love the contemporary songs,” she said.

“It was the combination of it all together, the music, the atmosphere, the people around us, and just the whole look of the place,” Zach said.

Sydney said she likes the diversity of the congregation. “There are people from Mexico, people from Burma, people from India. I like that. That’s how America is any more. It’s nice to see. We are all one,” she said.

Sydney and Zach’s wedding was October 14th, 2017 at First Baptist Church. And the church continues to be an important part of their lives. “We feel at home in this church,” said Sydney.