Pastoral Transition

The Administrative Council has developed the following timeline for our pastoral transition process. Pursuant to the church by-laws, the Administrative Council has ratified the selection of the Interim Sr. Minister Search Committee; Stan Minks (Chair), Israel Bustamante, Krista Keene, Joyce Kimsey, Larry Page, Sue Staples, Tim Harms (non-voting), Amy Griman (non-voting.)  The intended plan of the search committee will be to have an interim in place by the date of Dr. Lewis’ planned retirement in late August. Please continue to pray for these members who have assumed an important role in our pastoral transition process. The Interim Sr. Minister Search Committee will begin meeting in early April and will meet as necessary through the spring and summer with a goal of having an interim minister in place by Sept. 1, which will immediately follow Dr. Lewis’ retirement on Aug. 31. In mid-May, the church will conduct its annual business meeting to elect officers and ministry team leaders. Once those new roles are established, we will have several opportunities in June and July for congregational conversations regarding the gifts and talents that we seek in a Senior Minister. In August, Joan Friesen’s team will lead a Discernment Retreat for church leadership, members of the Nominating Committee, and anyone else interested in the search process. Following the retreat, the Nominating Committee will propose the Pastoral Search Committee, which according to our By Laws, will then be formally elected to serve at a specially called church business meeting. We anticipate this committee being in place to begin the search for a Senior Minister by early September. Please continue to lift up our church in prayer throughout this transition period, and please feel free to contact any members of the Administrative Council with your questions or concerns.  Check out Info/Pastoral Transition for updates.

                                                                                                          Tim Harms, Moderator




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