“This is a good church for me and my children”


On her own, Tina found church when she was 10 years old in Delong, Indiana. “My family’s not church people,” she said. Every Sunday she’d ride the bus to church. That was the foundation for her faith today.


Tina was born in Florida but moved to Indiana as a baby and lived in Delong until just before her senior year of high school when her parents divorced. She then moved to Gibsonton, Florida, with her mother. She ended up back in Indiana in Rochester, before moving to Indianapolis in 2015.

Tina said she began to think “it was time to get back into church more often.” In March of 2017 she joined First Baptist Church of Indianapolis. “It was right for me. It was like God was calling me to join the church,” she said.

FBC Indy is convenient because Tina lives in the Nora neighborhood. “This is a good church for me and my children. I love it. People have been real supportive,” Tina said.

That’s especially important to Tina because both of her children are dealing with disabilities. One has autism and suffers from mood disorder and depression. The other has ADHD (attention deficit disorder).

Every day is an act of faith for Tina, who, as a single mother, faces unexpected challenges. “You never know, you can’t plan ahead, you just have to go day by day,” she said.

“When you have two children with disabilities, finding the right church isn’t easy,” said Tina, who appreciates the encouragement and support from FBC Indy members. “They are really nice people and they are concerned about you.”

It’s important for Tina that her two children, Jordan and Aaliyah, attend church. “I want them to come as often as they can,” Tina said. “When they get older they can decide for themselves, but until then I want them to be exposed to that faith.”

Tina’s statement that “they can decide for themselves” came last summer. This year they did decide and professed their commitment to Christ. In March, they were baptized.

Tina frequently brings to church more children, in addition to her own. She brings a child from another family living in the same apartment complex. Last summer, she was taking care of two nieces from Maryland. She also brought them to church. Somehow she manages to get herself and all the children ready every week in time for Sunday School. “They all know the morning routine,” Tina said. “We start at 7 and are out of the house by 8.”

Tina likes living in the Nora neighborhood. “Everything is close and I can walk wherever I need to go. I found a good church to be in. This is a good place for me and my children. I love it.”

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