Sunday School & Small Groups

DSC_0844From Biblical origins to life today, teaching and learning are a part of the Christian journey. The commandments of God and the life of Israel were communicated from generation to generation through the teaching community (Deuteronomy 6:4-9, Psalm 78:1-8). Jesus embraced the term “rabbi,” which means “teacher.” When Jesus called his followers “to make disciples of all nations,” he also called them to teach new disciples (Matthew 28:19-20).

First Baptist Church offers a variety of Sunday School Classes for those of any age. Read Sunday School and Small Groups for descriptions of each Sunday School class.

All Classes at 8:50AM unless otherwise noted

Classes by Age Group
Children’s Classes
Junior High
High School
Adults-All Ages

Open Door
A Biblically-based presentation and discussion opens each session. Members bring their praises, concerns, and other items of interest to share.  Judson Bible Journeys material provides study of scripture and its relationship to our lives.
Building Bridges
The class studies material that encourages family nurturing and strength in today’s world, using Biblical principles.
Kindred Spirits
The group uses discussion, Bible study, and supplementary materials to address the issues of modern life as they relate to spiritual growth and development. This diverse, caring group holds dynamic discussions and values input.
Living the Question
The class studies topics that apply the Bible to living out Christian lives in today’s world. The curriculum utilizes DVD resources for contemporary understandings of faith and life.
New Journeys (11:20AM)
Guided discussion during the Sunday School hour is based on Judson Bible Journeys for Adults. Class participation is encouraged through sharing faith and experience. Social events include a program or meals at the church, in a restaurant, or in members’ homes. This is the one small group which meets after worship at 11:20AM.
Young Adults Class
College Age-Thirtysomething
This new group is exploring and discussing the Christena Clevland video series “To Become One”